“Together we are stronger”: Pinky Brand on Building a Safer Internet While Fighting Abuse

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The internet can be a dangerous space, but fighting abuse at the domain registry level can be a thing that’s difficult to achieve. Keeping a clean namespace can be a daunting thing with the constant security threats, all the while meeting new ICANN anti-abuse compliance requirements. To combat abuse in the namespace, Pinky Brand of RegistryOffice introduced a useful tool that can help you do just that at NamesCon Global 2019, which can ultimately contribute to a safer internet.

Despite the tool, though, Brand highlighted that registries and domainers alike must commit to an overarching goal of being responsible in doing our part. “If we don’t take responsibility,” he warned, “someone will make decisions for us.”

Discussing the benefits of RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor, which boasts a commanding view of a registry’s namespace, a low false-positive rate, and the ability to snag as many actual bad actors as possible, Brand explained that it was originally designed for registries. But it’s not also available and useful for registrars.

“It was a no-brainer,” he said, to share a tool like this with the industry.

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