Registration Now Open for NamesCon 360° [Now NamesCon Online]

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Launching our First-Ever Virtual Conference

It’s real! Well, it’s virtual, but it’s also real! Tickets are now available for NamesCon 360°, [now called NamesCon Online] as we bring the world’s domain-industry professionals together all at once. The Standard Pass is only $59—you probably spent more on lockdown snacks last week. (No judgements.)

New Experiences on a New Platform

This is a first for NamesCon: we’ve never done an all-virtual event before, so even our Day-One attendees will enjoy some new experiences. From September 9th through 11th, you’ll access NamesCon Online through your computer or mobile device—or both at the same time if you’re up for it. Our customized event platform will feature live presentations and panels based in particular time zones based on their global or regional relevance. You’ll also find on-demand content at your fingertips.

Networking will be smooth and fast as you swap contact info and arrange meetings instantly. Our vendors will have virtual booths for face-to-face (well, screen-to-screen) meetings, and getting up-to-the-minute insights from experts will be a breeze.

Some things will stay the same, though: get ready for a domain auction as well as some dedicated fun!

First-Time Domain Investors Welcome

If you’re new to domain investing, or just domain-curious, this is exactly the right time to jump in. We’re making it easy for those who have never experienced NamesCon to join the family by offering free tickets to domaining newcomers. That’s right, if you’ve never attended NamesCon before, you can get in touch with us through the event website and we’ll send you a free pass. This is a person-to-person industry, and you’ll find the people involved to be very friendly!

Raise your Game Year-Round with the DNAcademy Bundle

For those ready to raise their game into the year ahead, we’re also offering the DNAcademy Bundle. For $399, you get:

– All the benefits of the Standard Pass, plus
Two exclusive DNAcademy sessions during NamesCon Online
– A one-year subscription to DNAcademy, where industry newcomers and veterans alike hone their skills at buying, selling and investing in domain names. 

Whether you’re an investor, broker, entrepreneur, or the person in charge of your company’s website and online identity, DNAcademy will help you become a master in your field. In taking advantage of the DNAcademy bundle, you’re basically getting the NamesCon Online ticket for free. So what are you waiting for?


Register for NamesCon 360°Today

What are you waiting for? Grab your event pass and get ready for NamesCon 360°. If you register before July 31, we’ll send you a physical swag bag. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the website and subscribe to our newsletter to catch all the details as they emerge. We look forward to seeing you September 9th-11th for our first virtual event!


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