Rock Around the Blockchain

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NamesCon strives to nurture an open community where people from all industries, nationalities, companies and perspectives can come together to share ideas. As an organization, our goal is to become an incubator for innovation, and one of the biggest industry disruptors we currently see on the horizon is blockchain.

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Today, we’re excited to announce that blockchain will be a primary content pillar for both NamesCon China and NamesCon Global in Las Vegas. To this end, we’d like to share with you two projects we’re supporting: ENSListing, a secondary marketplace for eth wallet addresses, and, a decentralized domain platform.

“Blockchain is a trustless ledger compared to DNS today, especially on the aftermarket: now we have manual or half-automated processes on transactions. A trusted ledger can provide new features such as co-ownership of domains. WHOIS privacy, domain transfers, and escrows are by default handled through smart contracts.

Also the peer-to-peer architecture avoids censorship or downtime due to the decentralized system, compared to the hierarchical DNS. We look forward to featuring a couple of projects over the upcoming NamesCon events to evangelize, educate and showcase the interesting revolutionary ideas around blockchain that we have been uncovering.”

Soeren von Varchmin
President, NamesCon and WorldHostingDays

But what do leaders in the domain industry have to say? We asked Andrew Rosener, CEO of Media Options, for his take:

“As the world races to find real applications of blockchain technology, domain names represent one of the most obvious use cases. A decentralized blockchain could and should ultimately replace the centralized approach to DNS taken by ICANN today. Imagine that renewal fees, transfer fees, WHOIS updates, transfers and other domain actions were processed by distributed miners who are paid for “processing” those transactions and inscribing them on the blockchain where they are indelible.  

Also, imagine the ability to easily allow fractional ownership and investment in domain names. Unprecedented liquidity and efficient pricing models. The ability to insure your domain, or even better, no need for insurance as theft would in essence be impossible. Exciting changes are coming to DNS.”

Andrew Rosener
CEO, Media Options

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these developments, and that you support our commitment to nurture innovation and thought leadership within the domain industry by introducing novel concept tracks to our agenda. Technological and philosophical breakthroughs result in constant changes to the landscape of our industry, and we as educators must evolve in stride.



Today, we announce the opportunity for attendees to purchase their NamesCon ticket using either Bitcoin or Ether. In celebration of their current ICO (Initial Coin Offering – a means for a cryptocurrency startup to raise funds), Nametoken is offering free nametokens (NAT) with your NamesCon ticket purchase until September 30, 2017. NATs can be used for registering, listing, parking, buying and selling domains on Nametoken’s decentralized domain marketplace. Read the whitepaper on Nametoken to learn more.

Buy Now With Bitcoin or Ether

As always, we are here to support the domain community and that begins with listening. If you have comments or suggestions on how we can improve any aspect of NamesCon, or want to share something you’re doing for the industry that you think we need to know about, drop us a line or submit a speaking pitch here.

Please note: NamesCon and WorldHostingDays strive to share information about up and coming technology that is relevant to our industry. The offer with Nametoken is neither an invitation nor a proposal to invest.

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