To TLD or To gTLD: Rolf Larsen on Proven gTLD Strategies for Global Reach

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There is still some debate over new TLDs and what they mean for the domain industry. We covered this in one of our Domaining for Beginners…. When you understand how to brand and maintain a TLD and how customers generally respond of them, that’s when you will be able to take advantage of the potential found in gTLDs. On Tuesday afternoon, .GLOBAL Founder and CEO Rolf Larsen delved into the beginnings of his company, how he and his team positioned their resource as a tool, and how that decision has paid off (and why).

According to Rolf, gTLD registries were outnumbered by registrars before 2014, but times have changed. Now, registrars have much more power and they’re dealing with a much larger crowd of gTLD registries who are trying to stay relevant. Rolf went on to advise on how to brand a new TLD (you must keep your audience in mind and think about “what the extension will mean to those who are exposed to it.” This is why .GLOBAL works so well; as its name suggests, it’s open for everyone, which can easily align

Rolf also endorsed storytelling, which was particularly useful during the pre-launch of .GLOBAL. But they’ve come a long way since their pre-launch party at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. In a year and a half, .GLOBAL nearly tripled its gross revenue to become cash positive. Ever the humble leader, Rolf still thinks they have a long way to go. While a number of major companies like Visa use .GLOBAL—but not for their main domains—.GLOBAL remains focused on advertising to smaller business users.

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