Speaker Profile: Todd Han

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01Todd Han
President and CEO — Dynadot
Twitter: @dynadot | Facebook: /dynadot


Session Name: Tool Talks: Dynadot
Location: San Francisco, California
Domain name you wish you owned: todd.han
Favourite extension: .ninja, .tv, .in, .me, .co, .club, .top
Now watching: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Now reading: Daringfireball.com
Best city for a conference: San Francisco, California
Your mentor: My mother and grandmother


Describe your company and how long you have been there.
Dynadot is a domain name registrar. Our customer base is 50% domain investor, and 50% end user. We have a strong focus on design and technology. Our customers love us. Check out our website at www.dynadot.com and see for yourself.

As the founder, I have been here since the beginning, which was 2002.

What can attendees look forward to during your session?
I will introduce our new, state of the art domain control panel. Beautiful and elegant design. Manage thousands of domains effortlessly. Works on mobile. Low prices.

What can attendees do in order to prepare for your session? Are there any questions or scenarios they should consider in advance?
Just relax and ask me lots of questions.

What would you like attendees to learn or take away from your session?
Because not many people know about our expired domain name auctions, you can get some real steals. We auction thousands of domains a month, and prices start at just $11.99.


Can you tell us about how your service or product helps deliver value to your customers?
We are a privately held and debt free, ensuring financial stability in our volatile industry. We have been in business for 15 years now. We offer two-factor authentication for your account. Your domain assets are safe with us.

What are your thoughts on the new TLDs?
New gTLDs give consumers more choice. Dynadot sells almost all of them.

What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming NamesCon?
Meeting friends and business partners.

What industry trends or topics do you think will be at the forefront of panel and keynote discussions this year?
The bitcoin mania.

Whats something most people don’t know about you?
I am an avid Argentine tango dancer.

How did you get your start in the industry?
I was building a website for my mother, and while registering a domain at another registrar, thought I could build a better one myself. Being too young and naive to know any better, I started a domain name registrar.

What advice can you offer those who are just getting their start in the domain or related industry?
Don’t start a domain registrar. Razor thin margins and brutal, worldwide competition.

What was one of your biggest “a-ha!” moments in life?
Realizing that working smart is equally important to working hard. I realized this after graduating with the third best GPA from my high school, and getting into worse colleges than my friends who had lesser academic records, but better letters of recommendation and essays.

How would you describe what you do in a single sentence to a stranger?
I run a global technology company.

If you had fifteen extra minutes each day, what would you do with them?
Probably waste them playing Clash of Clans.

What’s the latest and greatest accomplishment in your career so far?
Building and running a successful domain name registrar.

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