Sponsor Spotlight: George Hong

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George Hong
Founder and CEO — Guta Inc.
Twitter: @GutaInc | Facebook: /GutaCom


Describe what your company does why you chose this focus and who benefits from the work that you do?
Guta, a global premium domain name brokerage firm, is one of the leading and most trusted domain name brokerage companies between the Western and Chinese domain communities. We are currently focusing on helping Western investors and companies sell premium domain names to Chinese buyers.

There is an unprecedented demand for premium domains (such as short domain names, numeric domain names, or pinyin.com domains) from Chinese buyers. Many recent Chinese buyers are new to this industry. They don’t know English and/or have few experience buying domain names from overseas.

As a member of the ICA (Internet Commerce Association) and as a bi-cultural Chinese-American, it is an commitment for me and my team to help build a bridge between the East and West regarding facilitating Internet domain name transactions.

If you are an owner of premium domains and plan to sell them, you should speak to us. The types of domains we are brokering are specified here.

What factors have contributed to your company’s growth and success to date How do you see these elements evolving in the future?
We are ethical. We represent either the buyer or the seller in a transaction, but never both. We are transparent with our clients. We attach great importance to integrity and have established strong relationships with our clients, many of whom place their trust in us fully, and have progressed to long term repeat customers.

We are professional. We help bridge the gap between the buyer and seller to overcome the barriers between them such as the communication and language barrier, valuation difference barrier, as well as the cultural barrier and purchasing barrier. We perform proactive research to give our clients professional opinions. We offer personalized service and attention that our clients deserve.

We are well connected. We know and have worked with many key players in the global domain name industry. It’s worth noting that several of our customers have completed over 10 million USD in domain transactions utilizing Guta’s brokerage services.

Since 2014, we have successfully brokered tens of millions of dollars in premium domain names. Examples include Beijing.com, Bank.com, DD.com, Yi.com, WG.com, AR.com, QC.com, MW.com, 3W.com, 989.com, OFO.com, PPP.com and hundreds of other 3 letter.com domains.

In Chinese culture, there is a saying that goes: “Your ability decides how fast you can go; your moral quality decides how far you can go.” Integrity is our foundation and the most important element, we aim to serve more clients from all over the world with high standard of ethical principle, profession and good relationship.

What can attendees expect to see from your company at NamesCon Global?
Guta has participated in it every single year since the very first NamesCon was held in 2014. As the biggest domain name industry event in the world, NamesCon is a great platform for communicating with industry peers from all over the world. It is like a huge gathering party of the domain industry where we can meet old friends and industry legends that rarely appear at other conferences. It offers us a great opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge. The business opportunities that came up for us during our past conference trips pay for the price of admission and sponsor fees many times over. We expect our participation in this conference will yield a similar result.


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