Sponsor Spotlight: Mike Demopoulos

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01Mike Demopoulos
Brand Evangelist — BoldGrid
Twitter: @boldgrid | Facebook: /boldgrid


Describe what your company does why you chose this focus and who benefits from the work that you do?
BoldGrid provides a suite of plugins for the wildly popular WordPress content management system. These plugins allow for quick and easy site-building and maintenance, using drag-and-drop design tools in a WYSIWYG environment. In addition, it brings a host of other powerful tools to the table, such as automatic backups, a staging environment, and image repositories, among many others. Best of all, using a “freemium” model, BoldGrid allows users to use all of its core functionality for free and add additional features for a modest fee only if they choose to do so.

What can attendees expect to see from your company at NamesCon Global?
MikeDemo, BoldGrid’s Brand Evangelist, will man our booth and share the value of BoldGrid with attendees. He will be joined by Boldie, the BoldGrid Banshee, who will happily pose with his adoring fans and help distribute a stash of our ever-popular Tide pens. MikeDemo will also give a presentation entitled “A/B Testing: Which Way Does Your Duck Face?” The presentation focuses on the do’s and don’ts of split testing (aka A/B testing), sharing the humorous results of experiments gone awry.

What factors have contributed to your company’s growth and success to date How do you see these elements evolving in the future?
Our own passion for the product we design and using it to fill the gaps in WordPress that we all experienced inspires, informs, and contributes to our every business decision. As a result, we find our passion highly contagious as others who learn about BoldGrid immediately sense its immense value. Of course, this conversation flows in both directions, so as we hear new stories from our users about desired features, tweaks, and other elements, we incorporate these into our development roadmap.

If this is your company’s first time partnering with NamesCon—what do you hope to gain from this experience?
We look forward to the opportunity to connect with new members of the online community. In addition, we hope to have the opportunity to reconnect with the many wonderful individuals and companies we have had the good fortune of meeting at events like WHD and CloudFest.


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