Sponsor Spotlight: RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor

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Abusive domain name registrations is a concern for the domain name industry as a whole. Malicious activity in a zone can not only damage the reputation of the targeted top-level domain, resulting in lost revenue and end user trust, but it also risks causing severe financial harm to the people or businesses that become victims of it. It is our joint responsibility to stay on top of this issue and to do what we can to manage it.

RegistryOffice is well-aware of the busy schedules of registry operators and the wide-spread issue with managing abuse in a name space effectively, which is why Abuse Monitor was created.

RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor is an ICANN-compliant abuse monitoring service and provides a cost-effective and efficient way to monitor and manage cases of abuse.  Abuse Monitor ensures that a registry´s obligations under Spec. 11.3(b) of the Registry Agreement is met and exceeded.

RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor is comprised of three main components: Abuse monitoring, Case Management and Reporting.

  • Abuse Monitor detects malicious activity in real time using the industry’s most reputable service providers to monitor a registry´s zone. Abuse Monitor identifies all the major types of abuse, such as spam, hosting of malicious code and phishing.
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  • Abuse Monitor Case Management system allows registries to take action in cases at a very early stage, as well as to manage the cases proactively and effectively through an easy-to-use interface. Trends and bigger issues are easily detected by filtering results by, for instance, registrar or abuse category. Linking Abuse Monitor to WHOIS information generates an even further in-depth picture of abuse trends, as well as allows a registry to proactively identify potential problems.
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  • Abuse Monitor Reporting includes required reports for ICANN, and more in-depth reporting to identify trends.

The Abuse Monitor service is offered in different-sized packages, all created to fit the various types of registry operators and their respective abuse management needs.

For more information and pricing, please visit: https://www.abusemonitor.global/home

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