HEXONET Cruise Powered by NamesCon: This August in Vancouver

We can’t wait for August 18th, when NamesCon will be teaming up with HEXONET to host a domainer boat cruise, featuring the Pacific Northwest’s most breathtaking scenery! Panoramic views of the Vancouver city skyline and coastal mountains will set the scene for a brief panel discussion featuring representatives from event sponsors Afilias, Donuts, PIR, Rightside […]

NamesCon Looks Ahead to DOMAINfest Asia, September 19-22

DOMAINfest Asia will be in Hong Kong September 19-22, and there are only 15 more days to take advantage of the special discounted price – just HKD$1,100 (about $142 USD) if you register before June 30th, 2016 with the promo code EyeOnDotAsia. This year’s conference will be full of exciting content, with a roster of the […]

Upcoming Industry Events: DNHouston, DNSeattle, GDD Summit and WHD.usa

First up, two industry meetups are on our agenda: one in Houston and the other (a little closer to our home office in Vancouver, Canada!) in Seattle. Meetups are increasingly becoming a staple of our thriving domain industry, and NamesCon is very happy to support these events wherever possible. These two events are on the larger […]

Say “Cheers!” to .WINE and .VIN at NamesCon

Say “Cheers!” to .WINE and .VIN by raising a glass with Donuts. The Donuts .WINE/.VIN Bar will be open Sunday, Jan. 10, from 3-6:00 p.m. in Network Lane and Tuesday, Jan. 12th, from 3-6:00 p.m. in the Exhibit Hall in the Tropicana Convention Centre during NamesCon. A professional sommelier will be on hand to educate as you […]