Uniregistry Invites You to Hakkasan During NamesCon

Uniregistry is hosting a party at Hakkasan during the one “free” evening we’ve scheduled for you during NamesCon, and it sounds like it’s going to be an epic event. At 80,000 square feet spread over five levels, Hakkasan Las Vegas has quickly proven itself to be the hottest new club on the Vegas Strip. During its […]

NamesCon Guide to Las Vegas: Off the Beaten Path

We’re proud to officially present the NamesCon Guide to Las Vegas, brought to you by ICANNWiki and Seat’s Taken Concierge! Many of you will be aware of the fabulous city guides that the team at ICANNWiki puts together for the ICANN conferences around the world, so we asked them to help you navigate fabulous Las […]

The Date Debate: Why is NamesCon at the Same Time as Affiliate Summit West?

Vegas is a workhorse for conferences, and one of the easiest destinations in the world to get to, making it an efficient choice for us and our attendees. We wrote about why we chose Vegas as the NamesCon host city a while back, shortly after we announced that we had locked down our conference dates through to 2019. […]

Reminder: Book Your NamesCon Hotel Room Now!

NamesCon is now just two months away, and we have almost double the pre-registered attendees as at this time last year! We are expecting more than 1,000 attendees at NamesCon 2016, and will have a larger Exhibit Hall, a new Sunday-Only, Speed Exhibits experience (starting at noon), and speakers that will pack the session rooms! […]

Featured Attendee: Jeanette Söderlund Sause, .Global

Jeanette Söderlund Sause Vice President, Industry Relations & Marketing at Dot GLOBAL; Freelance author. Dot GLOBAL Fast Facts Location: Wherever I lay my hat. How long have you been in the domain industry? 5 years Favourite extension: I’m going to shock everyone and answer .global on this one. There’s quite a few other really good […]

Why NamesCon Chose Vegas

If you’re looking for inspirational success stories of luck and fortune, look no further than iconic Las Vegas. The allure of descending upon Lady Luck in the depths of the desert is a narrative that’s been played out in popular media since the 1930s. A huge portion of our loyalty to Vegas, however, has less […]

Mastering the Art of the No-Touch Handshake

For any of you who know Richard Lau, co-founder of NamesCon, you may be aware that he often gets a bit wiggly when confronted with the outstretched hand of a stranger. That’s because Richard has a fear of, you guessed it: cooties. A self-professed germaphobe, Richard has devised some clever ways of avoiding the traditional […]

NamesCon’s Necessary & Noteworthy Guide to Las Vegas

We’ve just returned from a quick trip to Las Vegas to dot some i’s, cross some t’s and put final touches on plans for a great NamesCon 2016! Part of those plans include an “in the know” guide to Las Vegas, which we’ll release closer to the conference date. In just two days’ time, we […]

Uniregistry Signs on as Lead NamesCon Sponsor

Uniregistry has signed on once again as the lead conference sponsor for NamesCon 2016. You’ll find the The Uniregistry Lounge at the heart of the conference space, where attendees can gather and network. Frank Schilling will also appear as a keynote speaker, and attendees can anticipate two breakout sessions from the registry operator. Frank and his Uniregistry team […]