WaterNight 2016 Video by NamePros

We are gearing up for WaterNight 2017! To help remind us all of the importance of this annual fundraising event, NamePros has just released their coverage of WaterNight 2016 – featuring interviews with Richard Lau, Co-Founder of NamesCon; Tony Woodruff, Program Director of WaterSchool; Ron Jackson, Editor of DNJournal, Shallom Johnson, Assistant Producer of NamesCon, and […]

NamesCon 2016 Highlights by NamePros

NamePros has just released their video reel containing highlights from the 2016 NamesCon, which took place January 10-13 in Las Vegas! Keep your eyes on the NamePros YouTube and be sure to subscribe to receive notifications, as they’ll continue to publish NamesCon interviews with key industry figures over the coming months. Featuring interviews and coverage […]

Participate in the NamesCon Speaker’s Corner

NamePros will be recording extensive video coverage of NamesCon and featuring it on YouTube and elsewhere online. This is the second year NamePros has provided video coverage of NamesCon, and we’re excited for them to take it to the next level this year. From event filming to live video coverage of the Right of the […]

Featured Attendee Profile: Edward Zeiden, NamePros

Edward Zeiden Managing Director NamePros Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Google+ Fast Facts Location: I live in Los Angeles, CA while the NamePros team lives worldwide. How long have you been in the domain industry? Over five years. My major start was co-founding the curated domain inventory NameLayer, which was later acquired by TechStars. […]