WaterNight 2016 Video by NamePros

We are gearing up for WaterNight 2017! To help remind us all of the importance of this annual fundraising event, NamePros has just released their coverage of WaterNight 2016 – featuring interviews with Richard Lau, Co-Founder of NamesCon; Tony Woodruff, Program Director of WaterSchool; Ron Jackson, Editor of DNJournal, Shallom Johnson, Assistant Producer of NamesCon, and […]

NamesCon Survey: Results and Our Plan for 2017

As promised, we have read all of your responses and this feedback will directly shape how we plan NamesCon 2017 and beyond. Here’s some of the trending comments, followed by what we plan to do about it.

Welcome to the Decentralized Future: Matt Barrie NamesCon 2016 Keynote

Matt Barrie delivers his NamesCon 2016 keynote Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer.com and Escrow.com, has walked a successful entrepreneurial path from hardware to software. Escrow.com, which Freelancer.com acquired in November 2015, has processed over $2 billion in transactions. Barrie took the main stage to deliver the final keynote of NamesCon 2016 to share some of what his […]

Pat Kane NamesCon 2016 Keynote: .com is Very Much Alive

Pat Kane takes the pulse of .com and .net at NamesCon 2016 Pat Kane, Senior Vice President of Naming and Directory Services at Verisign, is responsible for the policy and operational management of all TLDs operated by Verisign, including .com and .net, as well as the development of additional tools and services created to support Verisign’s […]

Health, Hope, and Dignity: WaterSchool at NamesCon 2016

Tony Woodward discusses Waterschool with the NamesCon 2016 crowd At the epic Waternight 2016 Gala at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, NamesCon co-founder Richard Lau said that NamesCon was created to support clean water initiatives. The next day, Tony Woodward took the NamesCon main stage to talk about how WaterSchool fundamentally transforms the lives of families […]

GoDaddy Keynote at NamesCon 2016: Unveiling New Tools for Investors

(l-r) Mike McLaughlin and Paul Nicks show off new toys from GoDaddy at NamesCon 2016 Mike McLaughlin, Senior VP of Domains for GoDaddy, manages the team that helps GoDaddy’s customers define themselves online. He took the stage on what happens to be his three-year anniversary at GoDaddy. The GoDaddy aftermarket gathers tons of data, he […]

Paul McGrady Keynote at NamesCon 2016: Person to Person

Paul McGrady delivers a keynote speech at NamesCon 2016 Paul McGrady, a partner at Winston and Strawn and chair of the firms trademark, domain names, and brand enforcement,”literally wrote the law book” on domaining, said NamesCon co-founder Jothan Frakes. McGrady took the main stage at NamesCon 2016 to quickly talk about how the industry is reshaping […]

From Robots to Registries: A Fireside Chat With Paul Stahura at NamesCon 2016

(l-r) Paul Stahura chats with Ron Jackson at Namescon 2016 Paul Stahura, Co-Founder and CEO of Donuts Inc, got into the names game in 1997, starting eNom in his garage. From that humble beginning, Stahura grew eNom to an $80 million company. He’s been an influential ICANN and industry mainstay ever since, and is a […]

A Force for Good in the Universe: NamesCon 2016 Keynote from Brian Cute

Brian Cute, CEO of Public Interest Registry, delivers his keynote at NamesCon 2016 Public Interest Registry (PIR) operates .org, as well as providing .ngo and .ong to NGO groups. PIR deals with internet policy, education and security issues. Brian Cute, CEO and President of Public Interest Registry, took the NamesCon 2016 main stage to talk about the legacy of .org […]

First Look: New Uniregistry Market at NamesCon 2016

(l-r) Darren Cornwell, John Smrekar, and Jeffrey Gabriel introduce Uniregistry Market at NamesCon 2016 NamesCon 2016 attendees got the first in-depth look at the brand-new Uniregistry Market, which was launched during Uniregistry CEO Frank Schilling’s keynote yesterday. “Until now, the buying-and-selling workflow wasn’t super-clear, said said Uniregistry VP of Product John Smrekar. “Deal completion is a challenge […]