Domain-Name Appraisal Made Clear at NamesCon 2017

What’s your name worth? CTO Michael Sumner led an interactive session that demystified the domain-name appraisal process. These are some real-life tips to help you navigate those murky, subjective waters.

Avoiding Pitfalls in Domain Leasing: NamesCon 2017

So what do you do with a domain that’s sitting there unsold? The answer: lease it out. Leasing has its own set of dangers, though: Media Options CEO Andrew Rosener and domain lawyers Eugene Rome and Zak Muscovitch explore the good, the bad, and the ugly.

NamesCon Donates Used Laptops to Charity and So Can You!

There are over 11,200 homeless students in the Las Vegas valley, and over 2,500 of those are in high school. Project 150 is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping the Las Vegas valley homeless youth who continue to go to school. Instead of creating more waste, NamesCon has committed to giving away three used laptops to Project 150 after the conference – and you can help too!

Featured Attendee Profile: Richard Downs

We operate on a low cost, performance incentivized business model, allowing individual or small registries access to an experienced team with proven success, for a significantly lower cost than an in-house staffing. Having launched and managed 16 gTLDs, yet owning none, not only are we experienced we are unique in our impartiality. As well as day to day management, we provide a brokerage service. I personally have sold over $3.5M in premium domains, and built and priced the complete premium inventory including tiered automation stock in both Asian and Western markets.