Featured Attendee Profile: Richard Downs

We operate on a low cost, performance incentivized business model, allowing individual or small registries access to an experienced team with proven success, for a significantly lower cost than an in-house staffing. Having launched and managed 16 gTLDs, yet owning none, not only are we experienced we are unique in our impartiality. As well as day to day management, we provide a brokerage service. I personally have sold over $3.5M in premium domains, and built and priced the complete premium inventory including tiered automation stock in both Asian and Western markets.

Featured Attendee Profile: Haiyan Yuan

Newg.tv is a domain video media, which mainly focuses on helping worldwide domain registries, registrars, aftermarkets, investors, etc. to promote their products onto the Chinese Market. Moreover, it is the first Chinese video media with a focus on the new gTLDs developments.

Speaker Profile: Sandeep Ramchandani

Namescon 2016 was fantastic. I spent most of my day meeting with our top partners, charting out plans for 2016. As someone who lives outside of North America, NamesCon offers me the best opportunity to get quality face to face time with our existing partners. Personally, the highlight was getting an opportunity to play a DJ set at the coveted, Hakkasan Club, which has been home to some of the world’s greatest DJs. Since then I’ve been signed on to do a monthly gig with one of the top nightclubs back home in Mumbai.

Moderator Profile: Braden Pollock

I founded LBM in late 2003 with a DUI directory. Back then DUI lawyers would pay a flat monthly rate to be listed on 1800DUILAWS.com and could use the phone number 1.800.DUI.LAWS in their own marketing. Now almost everything we do is leadGen. While we’re still exclusively for lawyers (for now), we cover almost all legal practice areas. Way back when, we would build websites for our clients as well. That led me to buying domains for our clients. Once I discovered the domain aftermarket, I was hooked. We started selling far more legal domains than we did websites. Now our domain focus is primarily generic, premium one-word .com names.

Featured Attendee Profile: Vinod Reghunathan

I have attended DomainFest in Macau which is associated with NamesCon. This will be my first visit to NamesCon. Business is all about networking and building long-lasting relationships. It’s a hard road but it’s a solid once once established.

Featured Attendee Profile: Ryan Colby

I founded Outcome Brokerage 4 years ago as a way to work closer with my clients. We specialize in ultra-premium domain brokerage, which is primarily one word generic .com names. We do about 70% buyer brokerage and 30% seller brokerage.

Speaker Profile: Elaine Pruis

Donuts powers the world’s largest and most diverse group of new, relevant and expressive Internet domain names. From .bike to .coffee, .life to .services, and hundreds of other useful domains. Donuts offers businesses, individuals, organizations, families, and others fresh and meaningful Internet identities in a stable, secure environment.