Keynote Speaker Profile: David Ellefson


David Ellefson is the Grammy Award-winning Co-Founder and bassist of the death metal band, Megadeth. Also an author, record label owner, and coffee company owner, Ellefson will be joining NamesCon as a keynote speaker to share his thoughts on the importance of social media.

Speaker Profile: Brian Kleiner

With 20 years of internet marketing, e-commerce, branding, and domaining experience, Brian Kleiner has brokered over 20 million dollars worth of domains and currently manages the most valuable domain portfolio for the largest registrar in the industry. Learn more about Brian.

Speaker Profile: Bob Mountain

Mr. Robert Mountain serves as Chief Revenue Officer of, Inc., and will be joining NamesCon to discuss innovative name search technologies that can help attendees explore creative (and available) name possibilities for both businesses and their partner domain name. Learn more about Bob.

Speaker Profile: Lisa Box

Lisa Box serves as VP of Strategic Alliances at WP Engine focused expanding the company’s partner ecosystem. Lisa has an extensive background in program development, marketing and channel incentive design from her more than 15 years in the domain and hosting industry in leadership roles.

Speaker Profile: Daliah Saper

Daliah Saper operates a cutting-edge internet and social media law practice that regularly leads local and national media outlets to solicit her commentary on emerging internet law issues involving domain name and user-name squatting, privacy, and more, as well as the latest business decisions made by social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  

Speaker Profile: Chris J. Snook

Chris J. Snook is an award-winning entrepreneur, brand humanizer, and bestselling author of Digital Sense and Rebooting Retail. As Managing Partner at Launch Haus, he guides the firms investments in consumer product companies and the portfolio of direct response and direct to consumer assets.

Speaker Profile: John Lyotier

A co-founder of Left, and now the CEO of its subsidiary RightMesh, a mobile mesh platform and protocol combining mesh networking and crypto tokens. John has spent over 20 years in tech, including being active in the domain community managing portfolios and high-value domains for more than 10 years.

Speaker Profile: Chris Jensen

Having founded several start-ups over the past 20 years and numerous years as COO of Reinvent, Chris Jensen would later co-found Left with John Lyotier in 2010. Now, he’s fallen well down the crypto rabbit hole with RightMesh, a decentralized mobile mesh for smart phones and IoT devices.

Speaker Profile: Matt Holmes

Entrepreneur, speaker, author, world record holder, and Founder of, Matt Holmes hopes to help NamesCon attendees learn about how they can leverage their personal brands to drive more leads.

Keynote Speaker Profile: Haseeb Rabbani

Haseeb is a software engineer and blockchain evangelist from the University of Waterloo. When not pondering the future of Dapps, you can find him sharing his love of food, art and travelling. Haseeb has several years of web and mobile development experience working with companies like Amazon and Viacom.