NamesCon India 2017: An Unforgettable Experience

NamesCon brings together the world’s domain industry every year at our flagship event in Las Vegas. This year, we’ve had the opportunity for the first time to bring NamesCon to the other side of the globe with NamesCon India.

Speaker Profile: Sandeep Ramchandani

Namescon 2016 was fantastic. I spent most of my day meeting with our top partners, charting out plans for 2016. As someone who lives outside of North America, NamesCon offers me the best opportunity to get quality face to face time with our existing partners. Personally, the highlight was getting an opportunity to play a DJ set at the coveted, Hakkasan Club, which has been home to some of the world’s greatest DJs. Since then I’ve been signed on to do a monthly gig with one of the top nightclubs back home in Mumbai.

Speaker Profile: Negar Hajikhani is the world’s largest domain marketplace, where I’ve had the privilege to work in premium domain acquisition and brokerage for the past eight years.

Speaker Profile: Sean Tyson

Quietly is a full service content marketing agency. I’ve been there since the beginning, when it was founded in 2013.

Speaker Profile: Marco Hoffmann

InterNetX is an award-winning ISP, founded in Regensburg, Germany, in 1998. With over 3.8 million managed domains, about 3,000 physical servers and more than 20,000 managed SSL certificates, InterNetX is one of the largest Internet service providers on the international market for resellers and professional users, serving a network of over 25,000 partners worldwide. I’ve been working at InterNetX for more than 15 years.

Speaker Profile: Elaine Pruis

Donuts powers the world’s largest and most diverse group of new, relevant and expressive Internet domain names. From .bike to .coffee, .life to .services, and hundreds of other useful domains. Donuts offers businesses, individuals, organizations, families, and others fresh and meaningful Internet identities in a stable, secure environment.

Speaker Profile: Michael Fountain

I’ve been at for a little over a year now, and I work on the Enom business, specifically focused on driving the Enom API. However, I’ve known Enom for the better part of my professional career all the way back to my ModernBill days in the early 2000s.

Speaker Profile: Bennett Collen

Cognate is the first step in trademark protection. We use technology to help businesses protect their trademark rights quickly and affordably. Cognate uses blockchain technology to make an immutable record of your trademark rights, and a machine-learning trademark monitoring algorithm to find and alert you to any potential infringement or misuse of your trademark. I founded Cognate in 2014.

Speaker Profile: Andrew Hazen

Attendees can look forward to learning firsthand how to build a business from domain names like I have with,, and more. We will also discuss various ways to drive traffic and sales to your domain names. Strategic relationships can be vital when leveraging domain names.