Tips for Planning the Most Incredible Booth at NamesCon

Our exhibition service company, Xpert Expositions, will be your go-to for all logistics concerning your booth at NamesCon. We’re now four months away from the big show date, and there’s plenty of planning you can initiate at this stage. The moment your booth is confirmed, you should start drafting up those master plans for the best […]

Creative Ideas for Hotel Room Drops

One of the fantastic benefits of staying in the conference hotel is our ability to deliver sweet swag straight to your room. As an attendee who stays at the Tropicana, this is a memorable and personal touch that really goes a long way, and room drops mean you don’t have to carry several bags of […]

Straight Outta NamesCon: T-Shirt Vote

Following the release of the “Straight Outta Compton” movie, the Internet has seen a viral explosion of “Straight Outta” memes, facilitated by this meme generator on which is sponsored by Beats By Dre and Apple and serves as a promotional tool for the film. Interestingly, Frank Schilling’s company Name Administration Inc. was the previous owner […]