This NamesCon Online Session Will Supercharge Your Domain Name Investing Skills

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Build a Strong Core at NamesCon Online, then Flex Your Skills in Our Domain Auctions!

And now a message from one of our Advisory Board Members…

Announcing two new sessions with one common mission: to build your foundational skills as a domain investor, whether you’ve been in the game for ten years or ten minutes.

Michael Cyger at NamesCon

How Domain Name Valuation Really Works

DNAcademy founder Michael Cyger is running the most comprehensive valuation session we’ve ever had, from criteria, comparable sales, valuation ranges for wholesale, retail, and max retail. (Don’t know the difference? Make extra sure you don’t miss this, then!) This session is mandatory if you want to maximize your success in NamesCon Online’s two separate domain auctions! In this very short video, Michael tells you what you can expect from this session.

It’s Time for the Match Game at NamesCon Online

The right name can become a game-changer, you better learn how to play… The Match Game! This panel of expert brokers and daring end-users gather to explore how exact-match category domain names are adding exponential value to the investors bold enough to buy them. Tune in for this session and hold onto your seat!

As we mentioned, you’ll be able to put your new (or newly-sharpened) skills to the test in our different domain auctions: the RapidFire Low-Reserve Auction. Success in a domain auction requires nerves of steel, obviously, but it also requires that you know both what a domain name is really worth, and how it can be used by a potential buyer or end-user further down the line.

NamesCon Online takes place September 22-24, 2021 on our online platform. Registration is open, so join us as the whole domaining world gathers. Set yourself up for success: invest in a bold future!


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