Tips for Planning the Most Incredible Booth at NamesCon

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Our exhibition service company, Xpert Expositions, will be your go-to for all logistics concerning your booth at NamesCon. We’re now four months away from the big show date, and there’s plenty of planning you can initiate at this stage. The moment your booth is confirmed, you should start drafting up those master plans for the best tradeshow ever!

Xpert has put together lots of handy tips for exhibitors old and new, so we thought we’d share some of the key pointers with you:

1. Know Your Timeline

At this stage, four months out, you should have an idea which members of your team will be attending, have their travel and hotel booked, make sure your booth space is reserved with the NamesCon producers, start planning out your swag, and begin communications with the NamesCon and Xpert Expo teams to obtain key deadlines and other important exhibitor information.


2. Establish the Essentials

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Do you have a new product or service that you’d like to promote during NamesCon? Put your marketing teams to the task and ensure you have a solid plan in place to make the most of your exhibit space. Identify key goals and what you hope to accomplish during NamesCon. People remember positive experiences, so if you have a product, put it on display and encourage people to interact with it. If you’re promoting a service, enable people to use it – that might mean having a tablet or laptop on hand so you can show attendees just how fast and efficient your platform is. Xpert has a great Do’s and Don’ts resource that will help you establish some good practices for your preparations and on-site team.


3. Make it Memorable



You’ve identified your key goals, you know what service or product you want to promote – now, how do you design a booth that’s fun and memorable, and will stand out from the crowd? There are myriad ways you can do this. Friendly and engaging staff, professional lighting, a grandiose booth, games and/or prizes, or maybe you just have some really killer swag that everyone wants to get their hands on. While the NamesCon exhibition floor is small enough to ensure all exhibitors will have a steady flow of traffic, you’ll still want to make an impression!


4. Hire a Designer

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”  – Milton Glaser


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You want your booth to attract people’s eyeballs? Use colour and intelligent, creative graphics to pique and retain interest. Xpert has some great booth tips that will inspire you to make the most of what you have, and how to implement lighting, design and layout for that “Wow!” result.


5. Learn the Lingo

Your conversations with the expositions services team should be clear and efficient so that your booth results are exactly what you had envisioned. Ensure this happens by learning to speak the same language.


6. Know that Help is Here

Not sure what’s up from down? Need advice or a second (or fifth) opinion on your booth ideas? Want a lead on swag suppliers? The NamesCon and Xpert teams will gladly help you with all of your questions. That’s what we’re here for!

If you’ve already registered for a booth at NamesCon, keep your eyes on your e-mail inboxes for a comprehensive exhibitor’s guide that will explain everything you need to know to prepare fully for the upcoming event! If you’re interested in exhibiting at NamesCon, please check out our Sponsorship Guide and contact the producers with your inquiry.

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