Top 10 Rules for Promoting Domain Name Awareness

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The Domain Name Association hosted a breakfast at ICANN54 in Dublin this morning, and shared a great list of “ten commandments” – which we in turn would like to distribute! The DNA is all about bringing awareness to the new domain name extensions, both for businesses and to consumers. So here’s their top tops for upping your TLD game.

  1. Avoid using “gTLD,” “nTLD,” “TLD” and other cryptic industry acronyms in consumer-facing communications.
  2. Use terminology like “domain names,” “domains,” “new” domain names and “web address” as appropriate.
  3. When referencing text to the right of the dot, use “domain name extensions” first and then “extensions” or “domain extensions.” Feel free to prefix these with “new” as appropriate.
  4. Refer to our industry as the Domain Name Industry and to our constituents as “domain name registry operators,” “domain name registrars,” and “domain name resellers” as appropriate.
  5. Follow @DNAssoc and all DNA members on Twitter, then actively share, comment and retweet relevant posts.
  6. Tag all social media posts with the hashtag #DomainNames, or #Domains when space is limited.
  7. Consider including “www” before any domain name in advertisements and consumer facing extensions. www.Name.extension is a clear indicator that the words are a domain name to avoid possible confusion.
  8. Mention that you are a member of The Domain Name Association in your corporate PR boilerplate as appropriate, and a link to Display the DNA member logo and link on your website.
  9. Find and share examples (ie. ads, billboards, videos and tweets) of innovative domains using You can send these to and we can post them on your behalf.
  10. Promote the positive aspects of Domain Names and the Domain Name Industry. Success for one is success for all.

If you’re at ICANN54 in Dublin, be sure to stop the the ICANNWiki booth in the exhibit hall and pick up the latest issue of the State of the Domains magazine!

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