Useful Portuguese Words and Phrases for an Awesome Trip


Learn some new words to unlock a deeper travel experience. Pronunciation is like Spanish on Hard Mode, though!

Portuguese shares a few words with Spanish, but this beautiful language is actually quite different! Besides being the official tongue of Portugal and Brazil, it’s also spoken from Cape Verde and Mozambique to Macau and Equatorial Guinea. In fact, there are over 250 million Portuguese speakers worldwide!

In case you’re not one of them, here are some handy Portuguese words and phrases for you to use during your visit to Portugal for NamesCon Europe 2019.

Olá / Oi — Hello / Hi
Bem, e você? — I’m well, and you?
Obrigado/a — Thank you
Tchau / Até logo — Bye (If you already know “ciao”, you’re in good shape!)
Desculpa — Excuse me / sorry
Onde está o banheiro? — Where is the bathroom?
Com licença / Por favor — Excuse me
Sim — Yes
Não — No
Fala inglês? — Do you speak English? (English is widely spoken in Lisbon and Cascais, but it’s always polite to ask!)
Onde está o/a ___? — Where is the ___?
Quanto custa esta/esto/estas/estos ___? — How much does this ___ cost? (If you get the gender of the noun wrong, they’ll still know what you mean.)
Praia — beach
Hotel, táxi, restaurante — Hotel, taxi, restaurant

And one more thing… you may or may not need this during your adventure in Cascais, but here’s the Portuguese version of “Let it Go” from Frozen.

So get to practicing: it won’t be long until we see you at NamesCon Europe 2019! Travel safe to Cascais!

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