Trendline on the Global Importance of DNS and Domains

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With the ever-changing world of technology and an increased popularity of AI, IoT, and fintech, it is fair to wonder whether or not this equals to a downward trend for the importance of domain names and DNS. On Monday afternoon, the NamesCon Global audience was treated to a panel moderated by the inventor of DNS himself, Paul Mockapetris (who also serves as Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Board at Nominum, Inc.), who was joined by MMX CEO Toby Hall and Tucows CEO Elliot Noss.

Pointing out how much the tech space has changed ever since the DNS was first introduced, Hall noted the emergence of the blockchain market. “The world-wide web isn’t going anywhere fast,” he assures the crowd, comparing it more to an evolution than to “[burning] all the buildings down.” Noss believes that mobile and voice won’t obviate the need for the DNS, despite the emergence of new tech and other trends in user interface. Says Noss: “I’ve always found DNS records have this latent power to do so much more!”

The lively discussion delved deeper into blockchain, a debate on the possibility of a centralized DNS resolution, and how technology can translate into real-world change. At the end of the day, the trio agreed that the DNS is safe for now, but give it enough time, the future of DNS may look a little more dire.

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