Tricks of the Trade for Successful Domain Name Bidding

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With Sedo’s GreatDomains Auction+ well underway as we lead up to the Grand Finale at NamesCon India in Mumbai next Friday, we thought we’d share some tricks and tips for successful bidding. Auctions are both exciting and nerve-wracking – when you’re bidding on a name you really want, how can you improve your chances of landing it?

Sedo has compiled some great ideas to help improve your chances at winning those bids:

  • Figure out your top budget first. Don’t let emotions or ego guide you in your decision making.
  • Create an overview of all of the domains that you are interested in. Sedo’s Buyer control Panel is a great tool to help you keep track of your selected domains.

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Don’t be fooled by no or few bids on domains…bidders may be waiting to wait until the last moments of the auction to place their bids. Watch the traffic numbers for each domain as an indicator of interest.

  • Do not be fooled: Even if there are no or only low bids on domains, bidding activity can dramatically increase during the final moments of an auction.
  • Before you celebrate your victory: If an offer is received within five minutes of when an auction is supposed to close, the auction will be extended automatically by the system for an additional ten minutes.
  • Can’t stomach all the bidding excitement? Let Sedo’s Proxy Bidding System using incremental bidding do the work for you. Check out your Buyer Control Panel to learn more about this feature.

And finally, this one may be obvious, but being the highest bidder usually pays off 😉

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