Two School Libraries in Kenya

Two School Libraries for Kenya

The NamesCon Community Built Two School Libraries in Kenya

Two School Libraries in Kenya

NamesCon Community Built Two School Libraries

The NamesCon community understands the value of education, and the domaining community stepped up for a generation of kids whose futures are at risk. Domainers raised crucial funds to build new libraries for a primary and secondary school near Mombasa, Kenya.

Making Space for Learning and Growth

Serving around 250 disadvantaged students, Hope Children’s Centre Kenya School in Likoni, Kenya did not have any library space. These students need a quiet space to study, as well as a full curriculum of textbooks to help them in their educational journey.

Video Kenya School in Likoni

Our friends at Entrepreneurs for Knowledge (EFK) specialize in building and renovating schools in the most disadvantaged regions in the world, and this is the latest success story. Through solid relationships with the school’s community as well as a local construction company, EFK, NamesCon, and Hope Children’s Centre were able to turn this dream into reality.

Budget US$20,000

A budget of US$20,000 was divided into four areas:

  • Construction materials
  • Labour
  • Furniture
  • Books

During NamesCon Online in 2021, the domaining community raised the necessary funds in short order. EFK then sprang into action, with 100% of donations going straight into the project.

First step: Purchase the Land

The first step was to purchase the land on which these two libraries would be built.

Once that was complete, construction began as soon as possible to build libraries that will double as study spaces.

Originally scheduled to open in October 2021, delays due to the global pandemic meant that construction is instead wrapping up in November 2021.

Thankfully, not too big a delay!

Next step: Bring the Books

The next step will be to furnish the libraries and bring in the books that will help these students thrive. Now the teachers will be better equipped to do their jobs, and the students will have a more level playing field to pursue further education.

Here are some photos of the school, its staff, and its students.

NamesCon Charity Kenya School NamesCon Charity Kenya School NamesCon Charity Kenya School NamesCon Charity Kenya School

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