We Tested the Beach: It Works Great

A glass of wine at sunset... won't you join us? NamesCon Europe 2019.

NamesCon Europe 2019 Site Visit in Cascais

NamesCon Europe 2019 is nearly upon us, and there’s a lot of last-minute work for the NamesCon team to take care of. Perhaps the most important is the site inspection, in which we make sure that the hotel and event venues will be fit for purpose as you, our valued attendees flock to Cascais from all over the world.

Port 1
Can you see yourself here? Pestana Citadela Cascais at dusk.

And that’s exactly what we did: we went to the Pestana Citadela Cascais, which contains a five-star hotel and an arts-center complex within its fortress walls, to meet our local production partners, liaise with the hotel’s hospitality team, and see what was up in the city of Cascais.

Port 2 308x210 Port 3 308x210

We’re happy to report that this venue is unlike any other we’ve ever seen… and we’ve seen quite a few venues! The fortress gates are open, but you won’t want to leave: public art greets you as you enter, and stimulates your senses as you move through the cobbled courtyard. The intimate presentation and exhibition spaces are perfect for the crowd we’re drawing, and you’ll never have to walk far to get to your next meeting or keynote.

As the sun sets, the city of Cascais beckons, just meters from the Citadel. We also checked the walk from the train station to the venue: it takes around ten minutes through the picturesque streets of the historic town center. (Alternately, Uber now operates in Lisbon—a ride directly from the airport to the Citadela Pestana Cascais takes around 40 minutes.)

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Your NamesCon team prepares to ride the wild surf.

Since the last day of NamesCon Europe 2019 is our Beach Day, it only made sense to test the beach! Praia do Guincho is famous for its gorgeous cliffs and dunes overlooking the shorebreak. Our friends at Moana Surf School took us out into the waves and showed us a few moves. We’re happy to report that even first-timers can be up and on their feet within an hour.

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Surfing at Praia do Guincho. Are we maybe missing a step?

So get ready for an amazing few days in Cascais! Who knew domain investing could be so… beautiful? If you’ve not yet registered, it’s not too late for you to join us.

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