Welcome to NamesCon 2017: An Exciting Week Begins

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Jothan Frakes, NamesCon co-founder

On a warm but rainy Las Vegas morning, NamesCon co-founder and Executive Producer Jothan Frakes welcomed domain-name industry professionals from all over the world to the Tropicana Hotel. NamesCon 2017 is now officially underway, with nearly 1,300 people gathering to learn, network, and grow their businesses.

Our industry straddles international borders. We do business with people from other countries, sometimes without knowing it!
— Jothan Frakes

The next four days will bring round-table sessions, keynote addresses from industry leaders, and panels of experts explaining how to navigate the growing world of this industry. Newcomers and veterans alike will be hitting the NamesCon Network Lane, where new faces become new friends and colleagues. “The people around you are some of the best and the brightest in the industry,” said Frakes.

Helping Each Other Grow

There’s a friendliness to the industry as well: “You will find this a very welcoming industry,” said Frakes, noting that the key to your next big success may be sitting right nearby.

There is a lot of experience at the Tropicana this week—a lot of information to share. Attendees will learn more about every aspect of the business, from auctions and valuation to infrastructure and security. For the first time in its four-year run, NamesCon will feature a Social Media Bootcamp, helping attendees master the NamesCon App, as well as navigate the sometimes-strange waters of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. NamesCon will again, of course, feature WaterNight, a charity gala that goes into the wee hours in support of WaterSchool.

So begins a week of illuminating presentations and after-hours adventure. Throughout it all, Frakes encouraged attendees to jump outside of their comfort zones, to make at least ten new connections. That should be a fairly low hurdle to clear, judging from the buzz in the air. As Frakes said, “That’s the catalyst for new ideas and new opportunities.”

That’s what a domain name is, added Frakes: a catalyst for ideas, business, success, and connections. Welcome to NamesCon 2017.

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