We’ve Sold More Than Half Our Booths for NamesCon 2016

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If you’re thinking about showcasing your business, product or new gTLD on the exhibition floor at NamesCon 2016, now is the time to secure your booth as we have already sold more than half our available space!

The standard booth package nabs you an 8×10′ space and two complimentary conference passes, as well as your company listing within the official Conference Guide.

A few of our big-ticket sponsorship opportunities are also still available, and investing in one of these placements is guaranteed to give you primary visibility during the show. Aside from our new Women in Domaining initiatives (such as a re-vamped dinner and the addition of a designated salon/lounge) which still need your support, there are several key sponsor options still available.

Keynote Room Naming RightsOne of the most visible brandings, this names the main Keynote room after your company (“<Your Company Name> Keynote Room”) on all signage in and around room, and within our conference guide. 

Business Hub Naming RightsNamesCon attendees are busy people who work throughout the conference! The Business Hub is their 3300 sq ft sanctuary and it’s open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The sponsor may brand the entire room and will be referred to as “<Your Company Name> Business Hub.”

NamesCon Opening Reception: Be THE exclusive sponsor for the opening cocktail party on Sunday evening. This is an extremely well-attended event and sponsorship includes free drinks for all attendees, your company name and logo throughout the venue, and the option to provide additional bar signage and materials such as napkins.

Hotel Room Key: Hundreds upon hundreds of guests will be staying at the Tropicana, and upon check-in, they can receive a room key with your company branding. Which they will continue to see every time they enter their rooms, day or night.

Name Badge: Arguably one of the most prominent sponsorship placements, the double-sided name badge connects every attendee to one another. We’ll also be including sponsorship level (where applicable) on the name badges – so if you’re, say, a Gold-level Sponsor who wants to access the VIP bar, you’ll have to flash your badge to confirm your sponsorship level, which gives this item that much more visibility.

What about the games, you ask? Games are a central aspect of NamesCon – we love having fun! The following games are still available for you to jump on:

Pool Table: You brand a 7′ pool table with custom felt, and we’re even going to build a lounge area around either end to house your fan base.

Foosball Table: Up to four players can crowd around this tournament-rated table for exciting games. Who will play the winner?

And what’s brand new this year?

Speaker’s Corner: This informal and intimate setting on Exhibition Hall floor ensures that conference attendees can access valuable Q&A face-time with session leaders. Scheduled Speaker’s Corners will be noted at the beginning and end of each panel, offering additional sponsor exposure. The footprint of the Speaker’s Corner will equal or exceed standard booth size for maximum visibility, and your logo will appear prominently on backdrop signage.

Portrait Photography Make-Up: We’ll hire a professional make-up artist will do short hair and face touch-ups prior to LinkedIn portrait sessions. The make-up artist will wear your branded t-shirt and you can provide signage on the make-up table.

Public Typing Station: For those of you at TDC this week, you’ll see what we have in mind. Our typewriter station enables attendees to send a vintage-inspired message back home to their loved ones. Your logo will appear on postcard and prominently displayed at the station, and we’ll even cover the postage and postcards. 


For a full review of what sponsorship and exhibition packages are still available for NamesCon 2016, please refer to our complete Sponsorship Guide and contact us with any questions or requests you may have!

Also keep in mind that our early bird savings expire at the end of October, so if you want to save big on your conference pass, get yourself registered now! Ticket costs increase on October 24, 2015.

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