What to Pack for NamesCon Europe 2019


Don’t forget your sunglasses!

NamesCon Europe 2019 is nearly here—are you ready?

Mentally, of course you’re ready to hit the Portuguese seaside, but that’s not what we mean: have you packed the right stuff? Here’s what you’ll need to bring…

Get ready to hit the ground running in beautiful Cascais. No tie required.

Business cards. Pack a few more than you’ll think you’ll need.

Power adaptor. The electricity in Portugal is 230V/50Hz. That may have implications for your electric razor, but your laptop, tablet, and smartphone will be fine! The plug is Type F (The two round pins you see all over Europe).

Light layers. Summer in Cascais, Portugal is exactly what you’re imagining: hot sun and cool ocean breezes. Dress appropriately! You’ll need clothing for sessions and meetings, the beach, and evenings with colleagues: nothing too formal.

Hat and sunglasses. Besides completing your chic seaside look, these items will help protect you from the sun.

Sunscreen. Just like your parents taught you. This will be especially important on our beach day!

Camera. Use your phone or dedicated camera to capture those magic moments. The Pestana Citadela Cascais is particularly picturesque (and selfie-friendly).

Welcome to your office for the week.

Passport. Whatever you do, do not forget this.

Invitation letter. In case you need a visa to visit Portugal, we’re happy to provide a letter of invitation to NamesCon Europe. Just let us know and we’ll get one ready for you.

Swimsuit. Whether you’re surfing, playing beach volleyball, or just dipping into the azure waters of the pacific, you’ll be needing this.

Some of the NamesCon Europe workshops will be very hands-on.

Positive attitude and sense of adventure. Come to NamesCon Europe ready to learn, network, boost your business, and make new friends. Your NamesCon team is here to help every step of the way.

Registration. Have this handy for when you check in. Haven’t registered yet? We suggest you get on that right away.


See you in Cascais, June 20-22!

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