Where to Meet and Work During NamesCon?

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At many conferences you’ll find people sitting in the hallways, perched on window sills and balancing their laptops precariously in all sorts of positions. But at NamesCon, as we continually strive to improve the conference experience, we wanted to provide you with more efficient space to conduct your business. So we’ve organized several spaces within the Tropicana Conference Centre for our attendees to enjoy this January.

Verisign Business Hub
This 3,500 sq ft room is dedicated for working, impromptu meetings and having room to spread your wings. Sponsored by Verisign, it’s free and available to all attendees at NamesCon. Open Monday through Wednesday, we will have tables, WiFi, power, a scanner/copier machine, and even some background music. Drop by to do some work, hold a meeting or take a break.

Women in Domaining Salon
A casual meeting space that is open to all NamesCon attendees, escape to this room for relaxing lounge-style seating, as well as a selection of teas and coffee. Stop by on Sunday morning to kick off the conference with Bloody Mary’s, sponsored by Frakes on a Plane, and again for Mimosa Monday, sponsored by Moniker. We are still looking for prize and gift bag sponsors for the WiD Lounge, if your company is interested in supporting this space please contact us!

Uniregistry Lounge
Located in the main Exhibit Hall, the Uniregistry Lounge is open to all NamesCon attendees and will be a comfortable and casual place to connect right on the expo floor.

Media Services
Accredited press will have access to our media room for a quiet space to work, located in one of the Ashton Meeting Rooms on the second floor of the Conference Centre. Please follow wayfinding signage when on-site or ask one of the NamesCon staff for directions.

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