Women In Domaining Profile: Sherene Blackett

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Sherene Blackett, Managing Director at Proficient Professional Services Inc.

Fast Facts

Location : Barbados

How long have you been in the domain industry? :12 years

Best city for conferences : Las Vegas


Describe your company, business, or vocation.  

I am an accomplished and results-driven Business Executive in the Financial Services Industry.  I am the Managing Director of Proficient Professional Services, a Barbados based company providing primarily management services to International clients with additional specialization in company formation, corporate, accounting and tax services, as well as compliance and financial advisory services.

With a wealth of experience in the financial services sector, I consult for a select few active business companies in the domain industry, retail and manufacturing sectors, and serve on the advisory board of two charitable Foundations which provide international funding to clean water projects to regions with immediate need. In addition, I’ve established Hopen Inc., a Barbados organization working with and assisting persons living with HIV/AIDS.

How did you become involved with Women in Domaining?

I remember enjoying the camaraderie at one of the very first events at Domainfest in LA, and it’s been wonderful to get reacquainted with those lovely ladies as the group grows every year and I make new acquaintances now at Namescon in Las Vegas.

Can you tell us about a memorable experience you had at a previous WID event, and what you got out of it?  

I always enjoy meeting other women in the industry and sharing stories about our respective journeys to where we are today.

How does your service or product help deliver value to your customers? What makes your brand stand out?

I offer a very personalized service which is impossible to replicate.  I’m thankful that I have had years to experience to fall back on because there is no one day that’s the same as another. I have to think on my feet and get the job done!

What fact about you would surprise people?

Most people are surprised that I am a Chartered Accountant as my experience has progressed far beyond the accounting field.

Do you prefer to be right, or be liked? Why?

Definitely right coz who cares if I’m liked. I want to leave the world better than I found it!

How does your career compare to what you envisioned in your youth?

I always envisioned having a career that I loved and I am overjoyed that I am passionate about what I do every single day.

Latest and greatest accomplishment in your career?

Starting my own company has been the most challenging time in my career – and having made it through the first year and a half successfully, there’s nothing that can stop me now.

Where is your favourite place to escape?

Living in Barbados has definitely afforded me the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, so even though I live in paradise I often escape to neighbouring islands for a much needed escape from work life.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?

Living Life to the Fullest

What object would you put in a time capsule that best represents who you are today?

I would definitely put in one of my kadooment or Carnival costumes and pray to God that looking back on it ten or more years from now, even though I probably wouldn’t fit into itI’d still have the desire to make every day count and not get hung up on the day-to-day hum drum.

What is the one question we haven’t asked that you want to answer?

I have two beautiful children that I live every single day just to make their lives even better.

You can connect with Sherene on LinkedIn, or visit pps.bb for more info.

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