Women in Domaining Salon and Dinner

Blue Pool 08.21.12 653x350

BeachClub Lo

The Women in Domaining dinner has been a memorable and standout event at the previous two NamesCon conferences, so this year we are upping the game with an even bigger emphasis on and appreciation for the women within our industry. Not only have we expanded our dinner plans, we’ve added a dedicated “Women in Domaining Salon” where women (and men too!) can kick back to relax over tea and conversation. This lounge will be open for the duration of the conference, adjacent to the Exhibition Hall.

Beach Club Veranda

As for the dinner, we’re upgrading our venue to a beautiful poolside terrace, where 150 guests can enjoy a full dinner buffet to the ambient tunes of a live jazz band. The Women in Domaining dinner will take place just prior and adjacent to Water Night, so everyone can don their best clothes and settle in for a full night of networking, charity and FUN!

Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship levels are available for each of these special WiD initiatives, so if you’d like to be a part of recognizing the hard working women of our industry, please review our Sponsorship Guide and get in touch with us to find out how you can support!

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